The right climate for tomorrow

A more comfortable, healthier and more energy-efficient indoor climate for everyone. We create all the conditions to achieve it. With completely energy-neutral living not as a dot on the horizon, but already within reach today.

The entire Climate for life organization is geared towards this higher goal. For ourselves and for the world of tomorrow.

Climate for life

‘Climate for life’: for years now, Climate for life has been working with all its heart and soul towards achieving this vision. So that everyone can live more comfortably, more healthily and more energy-efficiently. We deliver on this vision by developing, producing and selling energy-efficient solutions in the areas of heating & cooling, hot water, ventilation and control technology. Building the systems of tomorrow.

We don’t think in products, but in integrated systems solutions. For example, we’re currently working on innovations that will make fully energy-neutral homes a reality. We can already meet all the standards in the Paris climate agreement, the BENG (Bijna Energie-Neutrale Gebouwen, Almost Energy-Neutral Buildings) requirements, and the Dutch government’s ambition that by 2050 all homes in the Netherlands will be energy-neutral. The capabilities are already there. The lights are green and the times are with us.

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"We are convinced that by developing innovative, ground breaking products and systems within heating, ventilation and domestic hot water, we can make an important contribution to an energy-neutral, sustainable future and to the People Planet Profit principle."

From left to right: Elbert Stoffer (COO), Kerst Algera (CEO), Erik Caelen (CINO), Peter van Gameren (CCO), Ingmar den Blanken (CFO) and Rianne Ursinus (CHRO)

Our products and systems

Heat pumps

We have gone from being a pioneer in the field of ground-based heat pumps to become its market leader. A heat pump contributes to both gas-free living and the circular economy. We supply ground-source heat pumps, air/water heat pumps and even heat pumps that use energy from wastewater to heat the home. Providing maximum efficiency, minimum energy consumption, a consistently pleasant indoor temperature in summer and winter, as well as constant domestic hot water.


We believe in ventilation with heat recovery. This embraces all the various aspects of our vision: it provides healthy air and comfort through heat, and is virtually energy-neutral because the majority of the removed heat is subsequently recovered. Moreover, by moving to more sensor-controlled ventilation, the occupant no longer has to worry about their ventilation.

Domestic hot water

When it comes to having hot water throughout the house, we think further, much further. We think in terms of energy-efficient options. For example, we create hot tap water using a ground-source heat pump to extract energy from the ground, using energy from the air via air/water heat pumps, or by using energy from waste heat. While the Green Energy Smartboiler uses the overcapacity of renewable energy on the grid to provide domestic hot water.

Control technology

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Which is why Climate for life also supplies control systems that coordinate the separate technology and components in the home so that they work together. What’s more, the control systems provide insight into, and then anticipate, energy consumption. Ensuring that the user always remains in control of their ventilation, heating, hot water and electrical appliances.


Our mission is a more comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate for everyone. So that we actively contribute to making homes more energy-efficient. And to reducing CO2 emissions. On the one hand, by developing technology and products that make a positive contribution to these goals. On the other by being as energy- neutral as possible in our own production processes and by making products more recyclable. Thus killing two birds with one stone.

Sustainable housing construction

The homes we live in are a burden on a planet that’s already under pressure. We want to leave the earth in good shape and there are still major gains to be made in that respect in housing construction. When you consider that 70% of all energy consumption in a home comes from building-related installations, it’s clear the potential is huge. Our aim is to reduce energy consumption in a house to zero throughout its entire existence. Putting us at the forefront when it comes to European and Dutch targets:

2020: all new-build energy-neutral (BENG).
2021: all housing corporations label B average
2050: entire housing stock energy-neutral

How do we achieve this? By reducing as much as possible both energy consumption and waste. By making maximum use of energy from sustainable sources. And by only using fossil fuels where absolutely necessary and as efficiently as possible. Moving step by step, day by day, a little closer to more sustainable housing construction and a more sustainable future.

Innovation that’s also financially sustainable

Progress in sustainability begins with innovation. Which is why we’re constantly innovating and developing new technology. But this new technology only really has an impact when it’s actually adopted and used. This is why we also work on revenue models and financing models. Sustainability should also be financially sustainable and not dependent on subsidy. At Climate for life, we therefore want to bring innovation to market for the same price as the existing technology. To stimulate its use and lower any barriers to usage. We take on the risk ourselves, so we can innovate in ways smart enough that we can afford to keep production in the Netherlands. So that Holland can stay at the forefront of innovation.

And this approach to innovation works. Not only have we won more VSK prizes than anyone. We’re also the pioneers of the ground-source heat pump and were the first to monitor homes for energy consumption on a large scale.
In addition, this on-going drive and ambition has helped make us market leader in ventilation, boilers and heat pumps. Innovation as the driving force behind sustainability.


A more comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate for everyone. We’d be delighted to help you make that next step. Feel free to contact us so that we can work together for a ‘Climate for life.’

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